Miniature circuit breakers

Mors Smitt offers a wide range of miniature circuit breakers to protect all of your railroad electrical applications.
Circuit breakers are hydraulic-magnetic designs, which make them thermally independent.

Current and voltage sensors

Hall effect sensors (technology with a closed loop) ensure high accuracy of voltage and current measurements in railroad traction or substations. Protect against voltage peaks, overload, ground fault. Hall effect measurement offers maximum protection in rail applications.

Portable Instruments

Portable meters by Nieaf-Smitt BV. Originally, NIF (Netherland Instrumentation Factory, later Nieaf-Smitt) began in 1900 as one of the first companies in the world to design and manufacture portable electrical measuring devices.

General purpose relays

Mors Smitt produce a high quality universal relay for use in industrial and power automation systems, signaling and protection systems and other control systems. Relays are also suitable for control applications in the building automation or air conditioning.

Railway relays

Mors Smitt has the widest range of railway relays in the world. Continuous innovation and product line expansion make Mors Smitt the world leader in rail applications. The Mors Smitt railway relays has a precision design, high quality materials and a long service life. Over 100 years of company history and more than 10 million delivered railway relays are proof of long lasting quality.

Heavy duty relays for industrial applications

Unique D-series relays and C-series miniature relays are specially designed for demanding applications, used in the power, petrochemical industries, and mining.
Due to high switching capacity and inductive load switching, the relays feature a long service life and low life cycle costs.