Mors Smitt has been active in world markets since 1900. For decades, it has maintained its position as a recognized manufacturer of reliable products and services for the industry, such as the power industry, the petrochemical industry, engineering, building and building automation.

The main products of Mors-Smitt manufactured:

industrial universal relay, industrial power relays, current sensors, portable meters, solar panel testers.
Mors Smitt products are characterized by high quality and long service life.

  • Heavy Industry

    Heavy Industry

  • Power utility

    Power utility

    RMS Mors Smitt is an Australian company and part of the Wabtec corporation; dedicated to the design, manufacture and distribution of high quality electrical engineering products. Major product types include: Auxiliary and Tripping Relays Test Blocks Arc Flash Protection Utility Grade Protection and Control Relays Industrial Controls and Pilot Lamps On Board Railway Relays, CB’s and Panel Meters   Customer Service Objectives: Build to order with fast delivery High product…
  • Test & Measurement Equipment

    Test & Measurement Equipment

    The portable test & measurement instrument brand of Wabtec Netherlands   The company NIF (Netherlands Instrumentation Factory, later to become Nieaf-Smitt) started in 1900 as one of the first companies in the world with the design and manufacturing of instrumentation for electrical values. Since then Nieaf-Smitt has served the ongoing upgrading, upscaling, modernization and technical refinement in the installation sectors. The complexity and diversity in the installation sectors demands the…