VoltBeeper Plus


The VoltBeeper Plus is an automatic non-contact voltage detector with optical and acoustic signal. When approaching an AC voltage, the LED in the partly
transparent tip of the test tool will illuminate bright red and a beeping signal is given. This is very convenient for detection under bright (sunny) circumstances or hidden locations.
The range of 50 – 1000 VAC makes the VoltBeeper Plus universal applicable. As the acoustic signal makes that it alsocan be used in industrial environments
The VoltBeeper Plus is also equipped with a flashlight, selftest, ON/OFF button and switches off automatically when inactive.


  • 50…1000 VAC
  • Non contact voltage detection
  • Optical and acoustical signal when voltage is detected
  • Self test
  • Flashlight
  • Switches off automatically


  • Batteries
  • Manual


Function Range
Voltage detection 50…1000 VAC
Supply 2x AAA 1.5 V batteries
Overvoltage category CAT III 1000 V / CAT IV 600 V
Drop proof 1 meter
Standard EN 61010-1
Dimensions 158 x 21 x 25 mm
Weight ± 48 g





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