Test tools

For safe and quick detection of voltage presence, four voltage detectors are available. Approaching a voltage leading part, the voltage detectors will indicate this in several ways. The VoltSpotter indicates optical, the VoltBeeper, VoltSafe and VoltPointer indicate both optical and acoustic signal. The Voltsafe and the VoltPointer are not only instruments for voltage detection but also for non-voltage detection.
The line of voltage testers EazyVolt, offer the ability to measure and indicate the exact voltage (AC / DC), phase indication, phase rotation, continuity and even frequency (EazyVolt plus). The EazyAmp is a versatile electrical tester for measuring current up to 200A in a CAT IV 600V environment. The EazyTester is an universal and easy to use, fully automatic Test Tool. The instrument detecs and switches automatically to the quantity to be measured, based on a priority system. All the models and the differences between them are shown in the selection diagram below.
  • EazyVolt Basic

    The EazyVolt Basic is a compact reliable robust automatic voltage tester up to 690V, with the following functions: Measuring AC voltage Measuring DC voltage Singel-Pole Phase detection Continuity Features Fully automatic Fail safe (no battery for VAC/DC measurement) Audible sound (when battery is OK) Schuko outlet compliant (19 mm) 1 hand operation Including Batteries Manual Specifications Function Range Voltage 10…690V AC (40…70Hz), 10…690V DC(±) Continuity  0…500kΩ + 50% Specifications Auto…
  • VoltBeeper Plus

    The VoltBeeper Plus is an automatic non-contact voltage detector with optical and acoustic signal. When approaching an AC voltage, the LED in the partly transparent tip of the test tool will illuminate bright red and a beeping signal is given. This is very convenient for detection under bright (sunny) circumstances or hidden locations. The range of 50 – 1000 VAC makes the VoltBeeper Plus universal applicable. As the acoustic signal…