Auxiliary, trip and supervision relays

New generation of electro-mechanical relays specially designed for high voltage protection and control application. Multi-contact high speed trip relays ensures fast operation of less than 8ms. The unique patented design and topology ensures minimal contact bounce.

  • 1X Series Supervision relays

    1X Series Supervision relays

    The 1X serie is comprised of an electromechanical voltage operated relay which is wired across the circuit being monitored. The relay may be ordered to operate in one of four (4) different application modes as described in the Technical Bulletin. The relay is designed for flush mounting utilizing a single 25mm diameter mounting hole which also houses the large LED indicator. Electrical termination is made via four screw terminals on…
  • 6R Series: Trip, Auxiliary and Supervision

    6R Series: Trip, Auxiliary and Supervision

    The 6R MATRIX range was developed to provide design engineers with a modular system of auxiliary relays to meet specific system configurations. The versions described in the following cross reference table have pre-defined functional & contact configurations to offer the following advantages: Simple to specify & order Lower cost due to model rationalization Direct cross reference to other manufacturers models Standardized wiring details
  • Alpha Series: Trip, Auxiliary and Supervision

    Alpha Series: Trip, Auxiliary and Supervision

    The Alpha Series represents a range of new generation of electro-mechanical auxiliary, tripping and supervision relays for power utility protection and control applications. The Alpha relay platform and provides high performance and reliability while reducing production and supply lead times. Application of the Alpha relays ensures reliable multi-contact operation combined with a high visibility mechanical flag.
  • D Series: Trip & Auxiliary

    D Series: Trip & Auxiliary

    Direct switching power relays designed for heavy duty applications in demanding markets. The instantaneous auxiliary and trip relay range include 4 and 8 contact models with a pull-in time of less than 20 ms. The fast switching models have a pull-in less than 7 ms.
  • Delta Series: Trip, Auxiliary and Supervision

    Delta Series: Trip, Auxiliary and Supervision

    The Delta relays provides a robust and reliable interface between protection and control system circuits. A more economical alternative to traditional auxiliary, trip and supervision relays, the Delta provides a compact, flexible and high performance solution while meeting relevant IEC standards. A wide voltage range and standard hand reset flag reduces the number of model variations. The Delta range is packaged in a size 2, 2U high case that may…