Alarm Panels

  • 1A54 Station Alarm Panel

    The 1A54 is a station alarm panel which can be supplied with either 4, 8 or 16 alarm points. Each alarm point comprises a status input, red LED alarm indicator & a minimum of one repeat output contact. In addition to the 4, 8 or 16 alarm points, front mounted push buttons & status inputs are provided for alarm acknowledge & reset. A single common output contact is provided for…
  • 1F701 700 Series Flasher Relay

    The 1F701 Series relays are solid state general purpose flasher relays with electro-mechanical output contacts. Designed for applications wherever a simple continuous cycling time delay is required where the ON and OFF periods are identical. The 700 Series range of electronic measuring relays are manufactured as a modular approach to electrical system protection & control. Designed to meet rigid Australian & international specifications the 700 Series provide a flexible, cost…
  • 6RM QUAD Four Element Flag Relays

    The 6R QUAD range of four element flag relays are particularly suited to transformer protection panel applications where indication & signaling functions are required for events such as: Buchholz Gas Alarm Buchholz Oil Surge Trip Oil Temperature Alarm Oil Temperature Trip Winding Temperature Alarm Winding Temperature Trip (more…)