1M122 Transformer Parallel Control Scheme


The 1M122 Transformer Parallel Control System is designed to monitor & control the tap changers of up to four (4) transformers connected on a common bus & operating in a MASTER FOLLOWER control configuration. The tap position of each transformer is monitored as well as the raise / lower commands initiated by the selected master voltage regulating relay. Parallel control schemes are available to meet a range of transformer control configurations.
The 1M122A is designed for applications where a separate & identical control cubicle is required for each transformer. Any transformer may be selected as INDEPENDENT, MASTER or FOLLOWER.
These systems are supplied fully wired in 19” sub rack frames ready for integration into customer panels.


  • Simple system wiring
  • Scaleable up to 4 transformers
  • Flexible control configuration et transformers in any combination of:
    1. INDEPENDENT control
    2. Parallel FOLLOWER
    3. Parallel MASTER
    4. OFF
    5. Manual LOCAL control
    6. Manual REMOTE control
  • All standard uMATRIX features
  • Size 4M case
  • Made in Australia




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