1X20 General Purpose Supervision Relays


The1X20 relays is comprised of an electromechanical voltage operated relay which is wired across the circuit being monitored. The relay may be ordered to operate in one of six (6) different application modes as described in the Technical Bulletin. The 1X20 relay incorporates an electronic time delay to avoid nuisance alarm signals during normal operation of the circuit breaker.

The relay is designed for flush mounting utilizing asingle 25mm diameter mounting holewhich also houses the large LED indicator. Electrical termination is made via four screw terminals on the rear of the case. This terminal block is of a plug in type with integrated retention screws further simplifying installation.


  • 1X20 Trip coil & DC supply supervision
  • Compact design
  • Simple through hole panel mount
  • De-mountable terminal block with retention screws
  • Extra large LED
  • Remote indication via relay output contact
  • Custom front panel label
  • Cost effective
  • Range of supervision voltages



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