2H750 700 Series 50Hz Frequency Sensing Relay


The 2H750 and 2H760 Series relays are solid state instantaneous frequency sensing relays with electromechanical output contacts. Designed to monitor 50Hz (2H750) and 60Hz (2H760) AC supply systems these relays operate from the sensed voltage and do not require a separate auxiliary supply. The 700 Series range of electronic measuring relays are manufactured as a modular approach to electrical system protection & control. Designed to meet rigid Australian & international specifications the 700 Series provide a flexible, cost effective & extremely reliable solution for a multitude of applications under electrically hostile conditions.


  • 50Hz Frequency sensing relay
  • Ten year factory warranty
  • Plug in measuring module
  • Double insulated high impact polystyrol case
  • Termination socket included for surface mounting enabling front or rear connection with optional DIN rail mounting
  • Proven circuit designs based on over 15 years of field service in hundreds of varied & demanding applications
  • Easy to set calibration scales
  • Tolerance to shock & vibration for generator, compressor & mobile applications



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