2V75 Metrosil / Resistor Module


The 2V75 Module provides a compact, simple & cost effective means of fitting a pre-wired three phase Metrosil & stabilizing resistor combination into protection panels employing high impedance differential schemes. Mounting is achieved by first fitting a special panel to the front of the cubicle. This panel is suitable for 19 inch rack or flush mounting. The separate three phase Metrosil module is then installed from the rear of the cubical & latched onto the self aligning rails on the front mounting panel. Retention screws are then fitted to lock the Metrosil module in place. For current operated differential protection relays (e.g. Reyrolle DAD), a series stabilizing resistor is employed to achieve the required voltage stability setting. For voltage operated differential protection relays (e.g. RMS 2V73), the series stabilizing resistors are generally not required.


  • Compact & rugged construction
  • Fully insulated module
  • High energy rating
  • Pre-wired with heavy duty stud terminals
  • Optional high power stabilizing resistors with convective cooling ports
  • Access for stabalizing resistor adjustment
  • 3 or 6 inch Metrosils
  • Suitable for high impedance differential BUS protection schemes
  • Insensitive to DC
  • Made in Australia




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