6RM QUAD Four Element Flag Relays


The 6R QUAD range of four element flag relays are particularly suited to transformer protection panel applications where indication & signaling functions are required for events such as:

  • Buchholz Gas Alarm
  • Buchholz Oil Surge Trip
  • Oil Temperature Alarm
  • Oil Temperature Trip
  • Winding Temperature Alarm
  • Winding Temperature Trip


  • Lower total cost than single or dual relay packages
  • Increased packing density to reduce panel space requirements
  • Rack or flush mounting
  • Range of function types
  • Draw out module
  • M4 screw terminals
  • Operating & reset coils are available for 24, 32, 48, 110, 125 or 250 Volts DC
  • Contacts are of fine silver designed & manufactured to ensure low resistance & high reliability
  • Optional gold plated contacts suitable for low currents
  • Magnetic blowouts to improve contact switching capability may be fitted if required
  • Custom contact configuration
  • Custom labelling
  • High visibility electro-mechanical flag indication
  • Rugged modular construction
  • Made in Australia



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