Alpha TR High Speed Tripping Relay


The Alpha TR Series represents a new generation of high speed electro-mechanical tripping relays for power utility protection and control applications. The TR is built on the Alpha relay platform and provides high performance and reliability while reducing production and supply lead times. Application of the TR multi-contact high-speed trip relays ensures fast operation of less than 8 ms. The unique patented design and topology ensures minimal contact bounce.


  • <8ms operate time
  • User selectable low or high burden operation
  • Complies with ESI 48-4 for high burden operation meeting the requirements of capacitor discharge test
  • Rugged modular construction
  • High reliability double action contacts for highoperate speed and low bounce
  • 5 or 12 heavy duty contacts available in a wide range of Make and Break combinations
  • Self-reset, hand reset and hand/electrical reset versions
  • Electrical reset interlock
  • High visibility electro-mechanical flag indication
  • Rated operate voltages available for 30/32, 48, 110, 125, 220, 240 or 250 Volts DC nominal auxiliary supplies
  • M4 screw terminals
  • Optional relay operate LED
  • Optional trip counter
  • Optional electrical reset isolation switch
  • Simple to specify and order




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