Delta ARD4 Compact electro-mechanical auxiliary relays


The Delta ARD4 relay provides a robust and reliable interface between protection and control system circuits. A more economical alternative to traditional auxiliary relays, the Delta ARD4 provides a compact, flexible and high performance solution while meeting relevant IEC standards. A wide voltage range and standard hand reset flag reduces the number of model variations. The Delta range is packaged in a size 2, 2U high case that may be flush panel, rack or rail mounted. A plug in terminal block is provided to allow panel pre-wiring. Where more than 4 contacts are required refer to the Alpha Range Technical Bulletin.


  • Self-reset and latching versions
  • Less than 25ms operate time
  • Four heavy duty contacts with magnetic blowouts
  • Hand reset flag
  • Surface or rail mount
  • Flush panel or rack mount
  • Made in Australia




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