Paticový Modul 19″ 2U pro relé řady D


Module 19-inch 2U D-relay black mat 560882098A
Module 19-inch 2U D-relay grey 560882098

19 inch flush/panel mounting, relay sockets

For heavy duty, industrial applications, space saving design. Installation and replacement of plug-in relays is made easy and cost saving. No maintenance is required for the user.

Description of Module 19-inch 2U D-relay socket

The 19-inch module is equipped with 8 pieces of the V33 relay socket. Each contact on the V33 socket has two high quality spring terminals, suitable for two wires up to 2.5mm2 (solid or stranded), so looping/daisy chaining can be done on the socket and no external connector or terminal is needed.

The spring terminal makes quick connection possible by pressing the spring with a flat-bladed screwdriver and inserting the stripped wire. Solid and (fine) stranded wire up to 2.5mm2 can be inserted. This quick & easy wiring method saves up to 75% wiring time compared with classic technology, like screw terminals.

Features of the module 19-inch 2U

  • Spring clampterminals
  • No internal solderings / connections
  • Flush/panel mounting
  • Touch proof IP20
  • Suitable for all D-series power relays
  • Twin connection per contact. Wire up to 2,5 mm2
  • Easy & quick installation (75% reduction of wiring time)
  • Trifurcated female receiver for tight grip relay pin
  • Clear terminal ID


  • Proven reliable
  • Long term availability
  • Easy to maintain
  • Low life cycle cost
  • No maintenance

Dokumentace ke stažení

Datasheet-19 inch module V1.0.pdf

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