1S24 Arc Flash Monitor – 16 point or 12 point + 2 linear sensors / up to 16 zones


Arc fault protection is a relatively new technique employed for the clearance of arcing faults on low voltage panels, MCC’s, BUS bars and within metal clad switchgear and associated cable boxes.

Conventional current based protection techniques are at times challenged by the nature of arcing faults, and can result in slow protection clearance times. Slow protection clearance times increase the risk to nearby personnel and increase the degree of damage to plant and equipment.

By employing an optical detection technique, Arc Fault Protection results in fast clearance of arcing faults.

With the added benefit of IEC61850 Goose Messaging, the 1S24 is a scalable solution capable of being employed in the most challenging applications with reduced engineering overhead. With the flexibility of the IEC 61850 standard ARC tripping with current checking or ARC tripping with operational interlocks are able to be implemented with ease.


  • Up to 16 arc fault sensors
  • Up to 16 independent arc fault SARC logic nodes
  • Arc fault signaling via Ethernet IEC61850 GOOSE messaging
  • 10Base-T / 100Base-TX port
  • Optional 100Base-FX port
  • Trip indication LED for each arc fault sensor
  • Continuous arc sensor supervision with sensor fail LED for each zone
  • Non volatile memory ensures last recorded alarm states are restored on power up




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