1X50 CB Trip & Close Module


The 1X50 Trip & Close Module has been designed to provide a cost effective & feature rich solution for the manual control & indication of CB status. The panel or rack mount configuration allows the compact 1X50 to be located on the protection panel adjacent to the overcurrent feeder relay.

22mm heavy duty push buttons are employed for the CB Trip & Close functions while two LED’s are employed for CB status indication. An additional status input is available to provide an LED indication when the CB close spring is charged.

The trip & close buttons control heavy duty output contacts which are suitable for application on all nominal system voltages up to 250V DC.

An optional locking cover is available to preclude unauthorised operation of the trip & close buttons during maintenance activities for example.

Four (4) steering diodes & lamp test button are integrated in the 1X50 as a convenient & space saving option for application in external control wiring.


  • Large size push buttons
  • High visibility CB status LED’s
  • Suitable for 24, 32, 48, 110/125 & 240/250V DC supplies
  • Optional CB spring charge status LED
  • Standard panel cover
  • Optional locking cover
  • Heavy duty output contacts
  • Optional custom engraving
  • Optional lamp test button & output contact
  • Optional integrated control circuit steering diodes
  • Rugged construction
  • 4U rack or flush mounting
  • Size 2M draw out case
  • Made in Australia



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