2V63 Single Phase AC/DC Voltage Relay


The 2V630 / 2V631 series are solid state voltage sensing relays with electromechanical output contacts built in a fully draw out case format. Designed for application on AC & DC voltage systems, these relays are ideally suited to monitor power supply voltage levels wherever high accuracy and reliable, maintenance free operation is essential. All power to operate the relays is derived from the sensed input voltage therefore an auxiliary supply is not required. The output relay operates when the input voltage exceeds the pickup setting (P/U) and visual indication is proved by a mechanical hand reset flag or red self reset LED on the front panel. The output relay will reset when the input voltage drops below the drop out voltage (D/O). The relay may be specified with a pre-set fixed D/O level or as an adjustable setting value displayed as a percentage of the selected pickup voltage.

• The 2V630 version is designed for AC voltage operation

• The 2V631 version is designed for DC voltage operation


  • AC & DC input versions
  • Heavy duty output contacts with optional magnetic arc blowouts
  • Select number & type of output contacts
  • Self reset LED P/U indication
  • Optional hand reset or self reset mechanical flag
  • Simple & proven circuit design
  • Fixed or adjustable drop out setting
  • May be used in under or over voltage monitoring
  • Custom contact arrangement possible
  • Self powered from sensing input
  • Size 2M draw out case – single element version
  • Size 4M draw out case – dual element version
  • Made in Australia

This product is obsolete. 

Consider the alternative MTDV4 (for DC) or UMD-U300 (for AC) relays for your application. Note that the MTDV4 or UMD-U300 relays are not directly equivalent to the 2V63.




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