4D200 Tap Position Indicator (TPI) Display Module


The 4D200 is specifically designed for operation with the RMS type 2V200 TPI to frequency transducer. The 2V200 provides a noise immune interface between the tap changer & the 4D200 via a 0 to 5KHZ frequency signal.
Alternatively the 4D200 may be configured to accept a BCD coded input direct from the tap changer or via a voltage to BCD transducer. Where an RMS 2V164 Voltage Regulating Relay is being used with a 2V200 TPI Transducer, a 4D200 may be connected in parallel to provide a local easy to read tap position indication.


  • Designed for interface with the RMS 2V200 TPI transducer
  • Optional BCD input interface
  • Compact panel mount case
  • 12 DC auxiliary supply input for use with isolated auxiliary supply module
  • Simple & robust construction
  • Made in Australia




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