Delta 1S27 Arc Flash Monitor – 4 point + 1 linear sensor / 3 zones


Utilised in either new installations or as a simple retrofit in existing installations, the 1S27 provides high speed detection and signalling of arc flash hazards for application in air insulated metalclad switchgear.

Arc Fault protection schemes may be implemented on an Arc only basis, or alternatively a Current Check may be employed where additional security is warranted.

A current checked scheme may be implemented by making use of available protection relay logic and a fast acting instantaneous overcurrent element.

Some typical application examples are shown on the Application page together with an Example Schematic.

For further Application information refer to the 1S27 User Guide.

The 1S27 is packaged in the Delta size 2, 2U high case that may be flush panel, rack or rail mounted.

A plug in terminal block is provided to allow panel pre-wiring


  • Less than 5ms arc detection and tripping time
  • Four point sensor inputs
  • Optional linear sensor input
  • Surface or rail mount
  • Flush panel or rack mount
  • Made in Australia





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