Delta XRD-8 Trip Circuit Supervision Relay


The Delta XRD-8 has been designed to specifically operate with magnetic actuated circuit breaker control modules.
Supervision currents have been chosen to ensure reliable differentiation between supervised and tripped conditions.
A green Healthy LED is standard. Failure of the circuit or supply being supervised will cause the main relay element to drop out, an alarm signalled via the red LED and the alarm contacts to change state.
The Delta range is packaged in a size 2, 2U high case that may be flush panel, rack or rail mounted.
A plug in terminal block is provided to allow panel pre-wiring.


  • Trip circuit supervision for magnetic actuator circuit breakers
  • Auxiliary supply supervision
  • Green Supervision healthy LED
  • Self-reset red Supervision Fail LED
  • Two C/O alarm contacts
  • Rated auxiliary voltages available for 24, 30/32, 48, 110, 125, 220, 240 or 250V dc
  • Panel, rack or rail mount options
  • Compact size 2, 2U high case
  • Plug-in terminal block
  • M4 screw terminals



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