1A54 Station Alarm Panel



  • Choose from 4, 8 or 16 alarm points
  • Rack or panel mount draw out case design
  • LED indication for each alarm point with space for custom label text
  • Non volatile memory ensures last recorded alarm states are restored on power up
  • Wide range status input to initiate each alarm point
  • Repeat output contact(s) for each alarm point (Latching or self reset)
  • Common alarm output contact for use with external audible or visual device or SCADA input
  • Front panel acknowledge button & status input
  • Front panel reset button & status input
  • Self supervision watchdog with healthy LED & alarm contact
  • Built in test sequence
  • Wide range auxiliary supply
  • Made in Australia


The 1A54 is a station alarm panel which can be supplied with either 4, 8 or 16 alarm points. Each alarm point comprises a status input, red LED alarm indicator & a minimum of one repeat output contact.

In addition to the 4, 8 or 16 alarm points, front mounted push buttons & status inputs are provided for alarm acknowledge & reset. A single common output contact is provided for operation of an external lamp or audible device.

The 1A54 contains no firmware settings. All device configuration is completed by the factory in accordance with the ordering code & through a set of internal DIP switches accessible to the user by withdrawing the module from the outer case. Continuous self testing is used to maintain the front panel healthy LED & self supervision alarm contact for increased system security.

A self test routine may be manually initiated at the front panel to check that all alarm LED’s are functioning correctly

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