2V76 Single Phase Voltage Relay



The 2V76 series relay is a single phase protection class AC voltage relay. It may be configured for under or over voltage operation & includes a filter for rejection of third harmonics for neutral displacement applications, which may be switched in or out of circuit. A definite time delay element is included which is initiated by the voltage detection circuit & drives the time delayed output contacts. Voltage & time settings are fully adjustable using DIL switches readily accessible on the front panel of the relay & provide a high level of repeatability & accuracy. Visual indication of an output relay operation is provided by a non volatile LED indicator which may be hand or remotely reset.


  • Selectable over or under voltage function
  • Wide voltage monitoring range:
    1-255V AC in 1V steps
  • Selectable 3rd harmonic filtering for neutral displacement applications
  • Wide range auxiliary supply:
    40-275AC & 40-300V DC
    20-70V DC aux. Optional
  • Auxiliary supply fail alarm
  • Instantaneous p/u LED
  • Non-volatile trip indication
  • 5 C/O output contacts
  • 2 contacts may be configured for instantaneous operation
  • Two time delay ranges:
    0-2.55s in 10ms steps
    0-25.5s in 100ms steps
  • Relay enable status input
  • Push button & status input to reset trip LED
  • Size 2M draw out case
  • Made in Australia

This product is obsolete. 

Consider the alternative XM-52M-VA500 relay for your application. Note that this relay is not directly equivalent to the 2V76.

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