4M200 Test Block system



  • Colour coded finger safe test sockets
  • 14 independent test groups
  • Compatible with industry standard 14 circuit test blocks and test plugs
  • Optional auxiliary supply isolation circuit
  • Identification of CT circuits on front panel
  • Flush panel or rack mounting
  • IEC 60255 Compliant
  • Compatible with industry standard test plugs
  • Optional test plug to block polarizing system
  • Made in Australia


The 4M200 Test Block system is an evolution of the 14 test circuit versions widely employed in the power utility sector. The primary difference is the incorporation of ‘finger safe’ test sockets which allow the use of shrouded 4mm banana plugs.

A number of 4M200 Test Block configurations are available to suit specific protection and control applications as depicted in the wiring diagram examples.

The 4M200 Test Block has 14 pairs of spring loaded contacts which are linked to a terminal block positioned at the rear of the enclosure.

Insertion of the 4M220 Test Plug into the Test Block first connects & then open circuits each pair of contacts which connected to the rear terminals.

The 4M220 test plug locates securely into the test block & can be retained by two knurled screws.

The 28 ‘finger safe’ test sockets on the 4M220 are divided into two groups of 14:

  • 14 even numbered equipment sideBLACKtest sockets
  • 14 odd numbered live sideYELLOWtest sockets

Each of these 28 test sockets accepts a 4mm shrouded or standard type test plug.

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