Relé řady PO3000


Mors Smitt manufacture the full range of PO3000 (Post Office) type relays including panel mounted and enclosed Keyswitch Varley style variants. These relays are used extensively in power station applications including nuclear.

Mors Smitt can manufacture “like for Like” replacements for existing PO3000 relays which is often required when stringent type approvals have already been achieved.

Alternatively we are also able to design and configure new variants to meet new, specific requirements – the high efficiency, proven reliability and compact design of these relays make them admirably suitable for many applications.

Various contact materials are available to meet particular circuit conditions and operating environments, including pure silver, palladium and platinum, and silver-nickel and gold-nickel alloys.

PO3000 relays can be configured to operate at voltages from 5V to 250V with operate delays up to 100mS and release delays up to 500mS.

Mors Smitt also offer a comprehensive service/repair, re-test and re-certification service for PO3000 type relays where this can provide an economical alternative to purchasing new relays.

Mors Smitt also offer type testing facilities for EMC, Environment and Seismic Tolerance where such approval or re-approval may be required.

Key features:
  • Proven Reliability
  • Various contact materials
  • AC and DC versions
  • Certificate of Conformity
  • Recertification and repair services
  • Low life cycle cost

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