Signalling & Infrastructure

The signalling / infrastructure sector is served with systems that ensure factors as full signal integrity, automatic train protection, energy distribution and control.
Mors Smitt also provides trackside safety with sophisticated test equipment to ensure required system safety and reliability.
  • Hall effect sensors

    Hall effect sensors

    A new range of sensors based on closed loop hall effect technology, for measuring and monitoring of e.g. secondary transformer overload or shortcircuit detection, DC link from ground fault and overload, motor overload.
  • Miniature circuit breakers

    Miniature circuit breakers

    Mors Smitt offers a wide range of railway hydraulic magnetic circuit breakers. The circuit breakers are fully configurable to meet the individual requirements. Advantages Precise, temperature stable mechanism, due to hydraulic magnetic technology Overcurrent sensing mechanism reacts only to changes of current No ‘warm-up’ period to slow down its response to overload. No ‘cooldown’ period after overload before it can be reset. Derating considerations due to temperature variations are not…
  • PO3000 Type Relays

    PO3000 Type Relays

    Mors Smitt manufacture the full range of PO3000 (Post Office) type relays including enclosed Keyswitch style variants, AC & DC Filament Switching Relays, Protection Relays and Telecom Relays used in many industries including Rail and Power Utilities. The high efficiency, proven reliability and compact design of these relays make them admirably suitable for many applications. Various contact materials are available to meet particular circuit conditions, including pure silver, palladium and…
  • Protection relays

    Protection relays

    Basic functions: Minimum voltage relays Maximum voltage relays Differential voltage relays Minimum current relays Maximum current relays Differential current relays Interval voltage relays Frequency protection relays Phase sequence relays Advantages: High galvanic separation No auxiliary supply needed, stand alone High reliability, no maintenance due to reliable and proven electromechanical technology Strong ability to withstand high overloads Equipped with weld no transfer contacts for critical applications For On-Board applications: Traction brake…
  • Signalling relays

    Signalling relays

    Mors Smitt is an authority when it comes to signalling relays. We have inhouse expertise and manufacturing of various standards used in several networks: B-style relays (Netherlands, US) N.S1 relays (French standard SNCF) Q-style relay (British Rail Standard BR930) Currently hunderds of relay designs are being manufactured meeting the strict requirements of railway operators. Mors Smitt can either manufacture new relays or provide a comprehensive refurbishment & repair service for…