Signalling relays

Mors Smitt is an authority when it comes to signalling relays. We have inhouse expertise and manufacturing of various standards used in several networks:
  • B-style relays (Netherlands, US)
  • N.S1 relays (French standard SNCF)
  • Q-style relay (British Rail Standard BR930)
Currently hunderds of relay designs are being manufactured meeting the strict requirements of railway operators. Mors Smitt can either manufacture new relays or provide a comprehensive refurbishment & repair service for existing units with re-certification.
Repair, retrofitting, maintaining, testing and re-calibration of signalling relays according to original factory specifications is part of our activity.
Mors Smitt also has extensive design capabilities enabling other relay versions & types to be developed and manufactured upon request, like special lamp proofing relays.
  • N.S1 signalling relays

    N.S1 signalling relays

    N.S1 signalling and vital relays are a consistent, adaptable range of relays with plug-in connection, small size, modular construction, low power consumption, compliant to French and SNCF standards, conformity to UIC recommendation, Ag / Ag CdO contacts and 24 V standard. Download: brochure-signalling-vital-relays-n-s1-v1-6
  • Q Style / BR930 signalling relays

    Q Style / BR930 signalling relays

    Mors Smitt has expanded its wide range of relay products with the Q-style BR930 signalling relays manufactured by Mors Smitt UK Ltd. in Burton on Trent, UK. We have been manufacturing these relays since the 1960’s and have full Network Rail acceptance certification (formerly British Rail) Successfully supplied throughout the world and originally known as Tyer, then as Field & Grant, STS Rail and now as Mors Smitt UK. There…