Rolling stock

Market characteristics

The railway world is characterized by a tough and uncompromising working environment.
Constant shock & vibration, dust, temperature and humidity variations and electric disturbances mean that components must work under harsh conditions. This puts heavy demands on their reliability. This is the world in which Mors Smitt has invested best efforts, parts and components that work unquestioningly, offer a long effective life and result in low lifecycle cost.

Railway directives

Our products are designed and compliant to the strictest railway directives, such as EN 50155 Electronic equipment used on rolling stock for railway applications, IEC 60571 Electronic equipment used on railway vehicles, and EN 50463 Energy measurement on board trains.
  • CATenergy Energy and Traction control

    CATenergy Energy and Traction control

    The international railway markets demand focus on minimizing carbon footprints. Diminishing natural resources, raising energy costs, protection of the environment, de-regulation of train network traffic requires responsible and pro-active developments in the railway business. At the same time new trains require more integrated solutions to simplify the design, to save place and weight. Since several years, the metering on board is the essential step to go forward with Energy Efficiency…
  • Circuit Protection

    Circuit Protection

    Mors Smitt offers a wide range of railway hydraulic magnetic circuit breakers. The circuit breakers are fully configurable to meet individual requirements. Advantages Precise, temperature stable mechanism, due to hydraulic magnetic technology Overcurrent sensing mechanism reacts only to changes of current No ‘warm-up’ period to slow down its response to overload. No ‘cooldown’ period after overload before it can be reset. Derating considerations due to temperature variations are not normally…
  • Energy & high voltage measurements

    Energy & high voltage measurements

    The Mors Smitt CatEnergy sensor range provide a proven, reliable, accurate and cost-effective solution for rolling stock. Based on its capacity of multi-voltage and current measurements, alone Mors Smitt sensor products could be used as single solution for all function requiring high voltage measurement on existing and new build train. The high level of accuracy during lifetime proposed by the Mors Smitt sensors is a key element to implement efficient…
  • Engineered solutions

    Engineered solutions

    Perfect solutions New built or retro-fit, Mors Smitt delivers a perfect, competitive and on time solution for any onboard challenge of space limitations and / or technical requirements. No matter the size or quantities. We understand the need for integrated specialised and optimised electrical solutions when (spare) parts are no longer available or improvement in e.g. energy efficiency or reduction of weight and space is required. Optimizing rolling stock LCC…
  • Hall effect sensors

    Hall effect sensors

    Application The Mors Smitt transducers are used to measure high currents in rolling stock and track side applications. High currents are converted linear to low power signals. Description The transducers are based on compensating the magnetic field by a closed loop system. The MSA range is used for the measurement of AC and DC currents with high galvanic isolation between the current carrying conductor and output of the sensor. The current…
  • Maintenance & test equipment

    Maintenance & test equipment

  • Onboard systems

    Onboard systems

  • Panel indicators

    Panel indicators

    Mors Smitt offers a wide range of panel indicators based on the ultra reliable and economic moving-coil technology. Mounting is usually in the driver desk to give direct computer independent reading of key values such as speed, volts, amps, bar, etc.
  • Protection relays

    Protection relays

    Basic functions: Minimum voltage relays Maximum voltage relays Differential voltage relays Minimum current relays Maximum current relays Differential current relays Interval voltage relays Frequency protection relays Phase sequence relays Advantages: High galvanic separation No auxiliary supply needed, stand alone High reliability, no maintenance due to reliable and proven electromechanical technology Strong ability to withstand high overloads Equipped with weld no transfer contacts for critical applications For On-Board applications: Traction brake monitoring…
  • Railway relays

    Railway relays

    Mors Smitt offers a wide range of highly reliable relays for on-board and trackside applications. All our relays are designed by railway engineers to outlive the life time of a train. Up to date more than 10 million relays are installed world wide.
  • Retrofit & replacement solutions

    Retrofit & replacement solutions

    Extending life expectancy by upgrading obsolete and outdated rail network installations is mandating the replacement and retrofit of obsolete components. Many authorities recognize Mors Smitt´s expertise in this field, especially for retrofit and replacement with form, fit and function compliant systems (FFF). This is an area of increasing significance: Inhouse design and prototyping of new solutions Customer specific type testing and validation On site implementation and commissioning After sales support…