2V200 Tap Position Indicator (TPI) Voltage to Frequency Sender Unit


The 2V200 is specifically designed for operation with the RMS type 2V164 Voltage Regulating Relay (VRR) & application on power transformers fitted with on load tap changers. The 2V200 provides a noise immune interface between the tap changer & a remote tap position indicator (TPI), display.
The 2V200 is designed to interface with tap changers using either binary / BCD coded signals or a traditional voltage divider circuit. The 2V200 generates a 50V DC output to connect to the auxiliary contacts on the tap changer. These contacts are often prone to high resistance & voltages lower than 50V may prove unreliable due to low whetting currents. The 2V200 converts the tap changer auxiliary contact inputs to a low frequency signal proportional to the tap position.
The 2V164 VRR converts this frequency to a voltage signal through an optically isolated input which is then feed into an A-D converter. The tap position is displayed on the front panel of the 2V164 based on the pre-programmed maximum tap position.


  • Suitable for interfacing to tap changers with binary or BCD TPI outputs
  • Suitable for application with voltage divider TPI circuits (Resistor values in the range 20 – 400 ohms may be employed)
  • 50V DC output drive circuit to improve contact whetting performance
  • Frequency output immune to line disturbance
  • Two core un-shielded cable between sender unit & 2V164
  • Isolated power supply
  • Plug in measuring module
  • Double insulated high impact polystyrol case
  • Termination socket included for surface mounting enabling front or rear connection with optional DIN rail mounting
  • Simple & robust construction



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