6RA20 CT Shorting Relay


The 6RA20 CT Shorting relays are a special derivative of the standard 6R MATRIX auxiliary relay. This model range has been designed specifically for CT shorting.
All relay versions are supplied fitted with heavy duty contacts to achieve high voltage isolation across open contacts & high short term carry current.
Contacts are constructed from solid silver, shaped & positioned to ensure very reliable, low resistance operation. Over travel of the contacts during each operation causes a wiping action ensuring a clean “make”.
The 6RA207 electrical reset version is fitted with series contacts in the operate & reset coil circuits. This provides thermal protection for the reset coil & a zero burden in the picked up state.
Refer also to the following Fact Sheet for detailed information on product applications & technical specifications:
2V68 CT Monitoring & Shorting Relay


  • Modular packaging
  • Rack or flush mounting
  • Draw out module
  • M4 screw terminals
  • Operating coils are available for 24, 30, 48, 110, 125, 220 & 250 Volts DC
  • Contacts are of fine solid silver designed & manufactured to ensure low resistance & high reliability
  • High isolation across open contacts
  • High make and carry rating
  • Custom labeling available
  • High visibility electro mechanical flag indication
  • Rugged modular construction



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