MSA305 – current sensor 300 A


The industrial current sensors are based on compensating the magnetic field by a closed loop system. The MSA305 is used for the measurement of AC and DC currents with high galvanic isolation between the current carrying conductor and output of the sensor. The current sensor can handle pulsed currents. The MSA305 is especially designed for secure measuring of a permanent current up to 300A. The current measuring range covers a bandwidth from -500 A to 500 A.


Mors Smitt industrial current sensors are used to measure high currents in energy inverters for all kind of renewable energies (wind, sun, hydrogen, ocean currents, energy storage), AC variable speed and servo motor drives, uninterruptible power supplies, power supplies for welding applications.
High currents are converted into linear low power signals.


MSA305-S-0020 Ed A1


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