V23 socket – Screw terminal, wall/rail mount


The V23 is a surface / wall and 35 mm rail mount relay socket. The V23 socket has one screw terminal per relay contact suitable for two wires up to 2.5 mm2, so looping/daisy chaining can be done on the socket and no external connector or terminal is needed.
The V23 relay socket has no internal soldering connections which makes it highly reliable.
To prevent fault relay placement the socket can be equipped with mechanical keying to accept only designated identical keyed relays.
Clear UP arrow for correct 35 mm rail mounting.


The V23 relay socket is suitable for general railway applications with a space saving design. Installation and replacement of relays is made easy and cost saving. No maintenance is required for the user.
Suitable for all D-U relay series.


  • Surface / wall and 35 mm rail mount
  • Sturdy screw terminals
  • No internal solderings / connections
  • Touch proof IP20
  • Height saving 35 mm rail mounting
  • Suitable for all D-U relay series
  • Up to two wires of 2.5 mm2 per connection terminal (7.5 mm wide tabs)
  • Positive mechanical keying
  • Trifurcated female receiver for tight grip relay pin
  • Clear terminal ID


  • Proven reliable
  • Long term availability
  • Easy to maintain
  • Low life cycle cost
  • No maintenance

Railway compliancy

  • EN 50155 Electronic equipment used on rolling stock for railway applications
  • IEC 60571 Electronic equipment used on railway vehicles
  • NF F 16-101/102, TS 45545-2 Fire behaviour – Railway rolling stock
  • IEC 60715 Dimensions of low voltage switchgear and controlgear – mounting rail
  • NF F 62-002 On-off contact relays and fixed connections






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