2C138 Sensitive Earth Fault Relay



The main earth fault protection relays in distributions systems, power stations & large manufacturing / processing plants can fail to detect a high impedance break down to earth causing hazard to human life & potential damage to plant & equipment. In these & other situations demanding extra sensitive earth fault protection, the 2C138 relay using solid state techniques, can be applied to detect earth currents down to 0.5% of the CT nominal current.

The relay is tuned to reject 3rd & higher harmonic frequencies to avoid problems under quiescent conditions. An adjustable time delay is built in to provide stability during switching & other transient disturbances & to allow adequate grading with other protection systems at high fault current levels.


  • High sensitivity (0.1% of Is)
  • 3rd harmonic & HF noise suppression
  • Tuned to 50 Hz
  • Optional reset functions: Instantaneous (Fast), definite time, count down
  • 40-300V DC aux. supply
  • 20-70V DC aux. optional
  • Low CT burden & high thermal rating
  • Optional 1A or 5A CT input
  • Instantaneous pick up LED
  • Configurable output contacts
  • 0-31s time delay (125ms steps)
  • Push button / electrical flag reset
  • Non-volatile trip indication
  • Multi voltage inhibit / enable input
  • Multi voltage flag reset input
  • Auxiliary supply fail alarm
  • Flush or rack mount draw out case
  • Made in Australia

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