2C63 Current Check / CB Fail Relay



  • 10:1 PU setting ranges
  • 5 – 50% or 20 – 200% of nominal input current
  • 1A or 5A nominal CT’s
  • Fast reset times(<15ms at 20x setting, repeated offset)
  • <5% transient over-reach
  • Two time delayed C/O output contacts
  • Three time delayed or inst. phase segregated(<20ms at 2x setting)
  • C/O contacts
  • 0 to 99s time delayed output with +0.5% accuracy
  • Time settings easily selected by digital thumb wheel switches
  • Timing in progress LED
  • Optional internal timer initiate status input
  • Hand & remote flag reset
  • 40-300V DC auxiliary supply Power supply fail relay drops out if the
  • Auxiliary supply fails.
  • Optional 20-70V DC supply
  • Size 4M56 draw out case
  • Made in Australia


The 2C63relays are three pole current detectors designed specifically for CB fail applications. A critical requirement is for a fast reset characteristic which is achieved through the use of air core CT’s. The low burden auxiliary supply makes the relay suitable for continuous energisation. Harmonic filtering is employed to minimize output relay chattering. Fully solid state sensing & measuring circuitry is employed with each phase current setting continuously adjustable on a front panel control.

The 2C63 definite time current checkelement is initiated when both the current exceeds the user selectable setting & a voltage is applied to the relay initiate status input.

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