Maintenance & test equipment

  • D-Dock

    The D-dock system consists of a D-dock Test Block which is put between the existing relay socket and the existing D-U plug-in relay. All 14 relay-pins are wired to the Break-Out Box enabling to connect measuring equipment like multimeters, scope meters or data analyzers to log operations during longer period. This makes fault finding easy. The D-dock fits in tightly packed relay panels and small cabinets.  It can operate unattended…
  • D-Test Switch

    Plug-in test switch with 4 change-over contacts to simulate D-relay operation in an electrical installation. With latchable manual operation and voltage presence indicator. D-relay housing and contact configuration to be suitable for all D-relay sockets. Application Testing and commissioning electrical installations. Can be used for maintenance purposes and fault finding. Features Manual operated relay (no coil installed) Latchable manual switch Instantaneous, 4 C/O contacts Voltage presence indicator Magnetic arc blow-out…
  • Portable relay tester PRT-MS1

    Portable relay test system designed to facilitate rapid verification of relay condition. The system is battery powered (lasts 8 hours standard use), and allows the operator to perform tests on both instantaneous and timer relays. Efficiently determine correct relay functionality including minimum operating voltage, contact quality and delay times. Defects such as jammed contacts are identified. (more…)