D4-U200 relay module – 4 pole


The D4-U200 relay module is a form, fit and function solution to replace all kind of contactors with a maximum of 4 contacts. The module consists of a 4-pole relay, spring clamp terminal connections and a housing to fasten the module.
By applying the D4-U200 relay module all specifications of the standard D-U200 relay are valid. The spring clamp connections are made on the front panel by two 5-pole connectors for the contacts and for the relay coil. There are 2 connection points per contact. Several contact combinations are possible such as 0 N/C and 4 N/O, 1 N/C and 3 N/O, 2 N/C and 2 N/O.
Other contact configuration and numbering on request. Thanks to its small dimensions the module can be fitted in most places where standard contactors are used. The relay module is standard equipped with a LED. The module is non polarity sensitive by use of a rectifier bridge.
The housing is suitable for wall mounting or rail mounting, due to its 35 mm rail connection. It is specially designed for space saving applications.


A typical use of the D4-U200 relay module is in a dusty environment where
the open construction of a contactor is causing contact problems (dust is
gathered between the contacts of the contactor).


  • Ultra compact space saving 4-pole relay module
  • Easy replacement of 4-pole contactors
  • Module consists of 4-pole relay and housing
  • Various contact combinations possible
  • Many 4-pole Mors Smitt relay configurations are possible
  • Non polarity sensitive
  • Heavy duty, high VDC switching
  • Spring clamp connections
  • Terminals at front side
  • Surface / wall and 35 mm rail mounting


  • Space saving
  • Cost saving
  • Several mounting options
  • Dust proof
  • No maintenance
  • Low life cycle cost
  • Long term availability

Railway compliancy

  • EN 50155 Railway application Electronic equipment used on rolling stock
  • IEC 60077 Electronic equipment for rolling stock in railway applications
  • IEC 60947 Low voltage switch gear and control gear
  • IEC 61373 Rolling stock equipment – Shock and vibration test
  • IEC 60571 Electronic equipment used on railway vehicles
  • NF F16-101/102, TS 45545-2 Fire behaviour – Railway rolling stock




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