Intelligent Circuit Protection


The Mors Smitt ‘Intelligent circuit protection system’ controls and monitors all AC and DC circuit breakers remotely and is capable of providing a complete status of all MCB’s via a display or through the Train Management System.


The number of driverless railway vehicles is growing at a fast pace and the industry is challenged to deliver solutions for remotely operated equipment. Additionally, the industry is challenged to provide more ‘passenger space ‘ which further reduces the space available for technical systems. The third challenge is to reduce the weight of cabling in railway vehicles. Mors Smitt addresses these challenges with the Intelligent Circuit Protection.


  • Railway proven and designed to EN 50126 / 8 / 9 (SIL) standards
  • Networked circuit protection solution for driverless vehicles
  • Integrated circuit protection for inaccessible breaker panels
  • Integrated into TCMS or stand alone
  • Reduces cabling
  • Programmable auto reset function
  • Engineered to fit limited space



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