Panel indicator with stepper motor technology


The new developed stepper panel indicator is an extension to the analogue panel indicator range of Mors Smitt. This new indicator based on stepper motor technology ensures a solid and very accurate,<0,5%, indication of any requested signal.

The stepper panel indicator is self calibrating at each starting up cycle, during this time the red LED indicates this process. An error contact is opened once any error occurs. If the indicator looses its power the pointer will go to a clearly visible error position and the error contact will open.

The scale can be configured to individual requirements. Additional signaling LED’s in the corners can be added upon request.


  • Proven reliable
  • High precision stepper motor 0.1º degrees
  • Solid technology making the pointer frame better resistance against shock and vibration
  • Self calibrating every start up phase

Railway compliancy

  • EN50155



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