2C65 Current Check Relay



The 2C65 Series relays are adjustable AC current sensing relays designed for high or low voltage power systems where they can be used in a large number of overcurrent applications.

The 2C65 Series relay is a three pole current detector with independently adjustable sensing circuits driving a common adjustable digital setting timing element. Five (5) status inputs & eight (8) relay outputs are provided as standard to allow the 2C65 to be operated in a number of different configurations:

• Time delayed or instantaneous output contacts;

• Phase segregated or 3 phase output contacts;

• Single phase or 3 phase current initiation inputs;

• Timer initiate input logic.


  • 10:1 PU setting ranges
  • 5 – 50% or 20 – 200% of nominal input current
  • 1A or 5A nominal CT’s
  • Fast inst. O/C pick up (<15ms at 2x setting)
  • Fast O/C reset time    (<15ms at 2x setting)
  • <5% transient over-reach
  • Eight C/O output contacts
  • 0 to 99s time delayed output with +0.5% accuracy
  • Time settings easily selected by digital thumb wheel switches
  • Timing in progress LED
  • Five status inputs
  • User configurable operating logic
  • Hand & remote flag reset
  • 40-300V DC auxiliary supply Power supply fail relay drops out if the Auxiliary supply fails.
  • Optional 20-70V DC supply
  • Size 4M56 draw out case
  • Made in Australia

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