CatEnergy AC Sensor


The Mors Smitt CatEnergy AC sensor provide a proven, reliable, accurate and cost-effective solution for rolling stock. Based on its capacity of multi-voltage and current measurement, alone CatEnergy AC sensor could be use as essential product for energy measurement implementation on existing rolling stock as well as Traction control functionalities for new build train (e.g. safety catenary detection, traction synchronization, protection of main transformer by over current detection, etc.).


  • AC Voltage Measurement Function (VMF) according to EN50463
  • DC Voltage Measurement
  • AC Current Measurement Function (CMF) according to EN50463

Catenary voltage

  • 15kV, 16,7Hz or 25KV, 50Hz according to EN 50163
  • 12kV,25Hz or 12,5kV ,25Hz or 25KV, 60Hz according to IEC 60850
  • 1500Vdc, 3000Vdc according to EN 50163

Nominal current

  • From 50A to 800A ~ according to EN50463


  • Class 0,5R for AC Voltage Measurement Function according to EN 50463
  • For DC catenary voltage measurement function, Accuracy 1R (900Vdc to 3900Vdc)
  • Class 0,5R for AC Current Measurement Function according to EN 50463


  • OV4-PD4 according to EN50124-2
  • Electrical shock up to 200kV
  • Dielectric 75kV, 50Hz, 1min

Digital output

  • RS 485 to CatEnergy Electronic Control Unit

IP rate

  • IP66 according to EN 60529
  • 30 years sailing tested

Fire and Smoke

  • R22, HL3 according to EN 45545-2

Operating Temperature

  • -40°C to +70°C, class TX according to EN 50155

Power supply

Power supplied by CatEnergy Electronic Control Uni

Total weight

  • 35kG


  • 450 * 300 (height * diameter)


  • Rooftop mounting
  • Cabinet mounting

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