Portable relay tester PRT-MS1


Portable relay test system designed to facilitate rapid verification of relay condition. The system is battery powered (lasts 8 hours standard use), and allows the operator to perform tests on both instantaneous and timer relays. Efficiently determine correct relay functionality including minimum operating voltage, contact quality and delay times. Defects such as jammed contacts are identified.

Easy and quick operation: insert relay, select coil voltage, contact current and delay mode (timer relays only). After pressing start button within 3 seconds relay tester shows pass/fail result by a green/red LED. Including contact wetting possibility to electrically clean relay contacts.


The PRT-MS1 is the ideal choice to offer a low-cost relay testing capability to service engineers for onboard train applications.
  • Fast & easy field testing
  • Fault finding
  • Testing & calibration of timer relays
  • Incoming goods inspection





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