C relay – Safety critical, 9 contacts


The C relay is an instantaneous and safety critical relay equipped with 9 double break contacts (Form X & Y – per customers specification) in all N/O and N/C combinations. The plug-in design offers secure locking feature for maximum ease of maintenance (no wires need to be disconnected or other hardware removed for relay inspection or replacement).
The resistance to impact and vibration is conforming the standards for Railway Transported Equipment. Positive mechanical keying of relay to socket is built into relay and socket during manufacture and terminal identifications are clearly marked on identification plate that is permanently attached to the relay.
The C relays is pluggable in the COR NJ socket.


The C relay is designed to offer ultra-compact space saving size for safety critical applications such as door control, emergency brake failure, interlocking between traction and breaking, around the world in countless


  • Instantaneous relay
  • Ultra compact package size
  • Safety critical relay
  • Plug-in design with secure locking feature for maximum ease of maintenance
  • 9 double break contacts in all N/O and N/C combinations
  • Weld no transfer safety contacts standard
  • Contact life (mechanical) of 100 million cycles-40°C…+80°C operating temperature


  • Proven reliable in heavy duty application
  • Space Saving package size
  • Long life cycle cost
  • Easy to maintain and replace
  • Used in safety critical application
  • Low life cycle cost

Railway compliancy

  • NF F 62-002 Rolling stock – Instantaneous relays contacts and sockets
  • NF F 16-101/102 Fire behaviour – Railway rolling stock




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