DGG-U200N Plug-in railway relay with 2 C/O contacts


The DGG-U200N is the improved version of the DGG-U200 2-pole instantaneous relay. 

The dimensions, pinning and specifications are identical but it is much more reliable switching very low currents (1 mA @ 5 VDC). It is therefore the perfect relay to switch mixed loads. 

It has a very large voltage range: 40% – 125% of the nominal voltage. The built-in magnetic arc blow-out ensures adequate DC breaking capacity resulting in long contact life and the now integrated contact separation prevents cross pollution of contacts better. 

The operating temperature range is now -40 to +85 Celsius. The IP40 dust ingress protection offers adequate protection allowing the relay to “breath” ensuring long life whilst switching higher DC and inductive loads. The back EMF coil protection diode comes standard with the DGG-U200N series. The information on the relay cover is extended with serial no. and data matrix code for ease of traceability. 

The mechanical design and construction of the DGG-U200N relay is so rugged that it is fit to last in salt laden atmospheres, low and high temperatures, very dry and very high humidity, shock and vibrations and high altitudes. 

Several operators use this relay since the 1970’s and without a single incident. Indeed proven reliable and designed to survive train life! 

The ultra-compact design, light weight, many options and the wide choice of sockets makes this the most flexible solution and preferred choice of many customers 


Relays keep on playing a vital role in reliable train operation. A key function is galvanic isolation between control (computers / PLC’s) and power circuits providing isolation between systems, contact multiplication and amplification. 

Other unique features are predictable failure behavior (Fail Safe) making system safety validation a lot more simple than using computer based solutions like PLC’s, long term availability = no obsolescence and easy maintenance by plug-in feature and transparent cover. Unlike more sensitive electronics relays are insensitive to EMI. 

Using these features one can build a hardwired, fail safe control system which is cyber security safe and insensitive to electro magnetic disturbances and surges! Relays are ideal to use in trains for signal transfer/repeat, safety interlocking functions (brake – doors), load on-off switching and sub-system isolation. 


  • Ultra compact, light weight
  • 2 C/O contacts, self-cleaning
  • Large voltage range 40%-125% Unom
  • Integrated back EMF suppression diode
  • Magnetic arc blow-out ensuring long contact life
  • Minimum switching current 1 mA
  • Maximum continuous current 10 A
  • Proven reliable
  • Wide temperature range -40 ⁰C…+85 ⁰C
  • Mechanical life > 30 million operations
  • Electrical life e.g. > 10 million operations at 0.5 A, 24 VDC
  • Data matrix with serial number for traceability
  • Integrated snaplock, no external retaining clip needed
  • Transparent cover for visual inspection
  • Many options and sockets available


Railway compliancy

  • EN 50155: 2017
  • EN 50121-3-2: 2016
  • IEC 60571: 2012
  • EN 45545-2: 2015
  • IEC 60077-1: 2017
  • NF F16-101/102
  • IEC 60947-5-1: 2016
  • IEC 60947-5-4: 2002
  • IEC 61373: 2010



Available versions

Type Nominal voltage (VDC)
DGG-U201N 24
DGG-U202N 48
DGG-U203N 72
DGG-U204N 110
DGG-U205N 96
DGG-U206N 12
DGG-U207N 36
Other voltages on request





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